Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bird and Yarn Wreaths

Small Yellow/White

Large Cream/Silver Beach Bird- coral & shell ornament

Large Green Square

detail vintage baubles

Vintage mixed-greens

I'm so excited to show you the beginning of my holiday decorating greens! I've been making a terrific mess with all kinds of yarn and vintage Christmas birds and baubles. I've posted two on Etsy and will be uploading more and more as quickly as I can make them! They are made on styrofoam bases, wrapped with cotton batting, and then wrapped and wrapped with yarns of every kind. I've added some vintage tinsel garland to some, and all have vintage mercury glass ornaments and an old spun cotton bird. I have some coming with vintage bottle-brush trees, reindeer, and elves! Ornaments, too! I'll be selling these exclusively on Etsy- please visit here.

1 comment:

Pamela Buckley said...

oh Katie...these are SO PRETTY! I LOVE the cream & silver one especially!!