Monday, February 25, 2008

The Francis Files

There is a section on The Humane Society's website called The Francis Files which features stories from those who feel an animal or animals have influenced their faith or whose faith has influenced their view of animals. There are only a few articles so far- but there is one that I thought to share with you titled, "Remembering Marie: Speaking about Pets with Passion and Faith" by Stephen H. Webb. The author's relationship with Marie reminded me of my Henry who passed away about four years ago. I think some people thought I had a pretty pathetic, irrational, and co-dependent relationship with that chubby old three-legged pug. I knew however that Henry was my constant companion through good times and bad. For seven years he was always simply content to be near me and that gave me comfort. Click here for the story. Maybe you have one of your own. I hope so.
Sneaky Henry

My niece Maggie and me with Henry

Moving Day to Savannah


bonnie said...

Henry was a good ole boy. We all miss his grumpy looking devotion and his enthusiastic energy when going thru a fast food drive thru.


biscuits said...

What the heck! I was not bloggin until you say so? This is not really workin for me. You have too much control. I am now calling your website "The Constant Controller and Overseer." I was not going to cuss or anything like your Savannah friends probably do. I think I am going to start my own blog.