Monday, February 11, 2008

Peonies and Dahlias

My two favorite flower and plant 2008 catalogs arrived!

First is Klehm's Song Sparrow-which if you are a lucky gardener and live in a cooler climate-has the most amazing selection of peonies for you! They have the most gorgeous catalog and they are online here as well. I ordered two beautiful clematis and a hydrangea from them last year that all bloomed right away! They also carry varieties of hostas, daylillies, tree peonies, woody trees and shrubs, and a huge assortment of perennials.

Abalone Pearl Peony

Last year I planted the above Hydrangea 'Hayes Starburst' with the sweetest star-shaped petals and the graceful Clematis 'White Swan' below and received blooms from both within months!


My other favorite is the family owned and operated "Swan Island Dahlias" from Canby, Oregon. Visit them at I had the most beautiful white collection growing for my wedding last year until the Japanese Beetles attacked all of them. This year will be DIFFERENT!

Pom Pon Dahlia 'Tiny Treasure'

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McMaster & Storm said...

love khelm's song sparrow........found it through "Martha" of course! their pictures are lovely!