Thursday, March 27, 2008

Domestic Construction

The ingenious fabric room in the new Anthropologie Home catalog was the creation of the girls from Domestic-Construction,aka Trish Andersen and Maureen Walsh. These two amazing fiber artists became friends at Savannah College of Art and Design where I thought they were by far the most outstanding members of their class! They both moved on to NYC where Trish worked as display coordinator at Anthropologie on Fifth Avenue, and Maureen continued her clothing line, Uncle Bikes. After two years they decided to join forces and created Domestic Construction- a creative workshop that includes a line of magical deconstructed and repurposed clothing that is sold for now primarily at shopSCAD. They are planning a trunk show at shopSCAD-Savannah, April 29, 1-5 p.m. and shopSCAD-Atlanta May 2, 1-5 p.m. They are planning to have over 90 one-of-a kind dresses from their "Capsized" line inspired by shipwrecks and treasure chests, along with handmade housewares, cards, and accessories! I will be there with bells on! I am so excited for the chance to be in the midst of these two creative whirlwinds-and they really are only just getting started!

Trish Andersen (left) and Maureen Walsh
image property of Anthropologie

I'm so inspired by their 'fabric painting'!

Check out the electrical outlet!


maggiegracecreates said...

I adore this issue of the Anthro catalog. Thank you for featuring the lovely young and talented women.

Have a wonderful day.

Melissa said...

I was wondering who was behind all that wonderful goodness in the latest anthro catalogue. Thank you for featuring these ladies and I only wish I could come to their dress "sale".

beth said...

i loved this edition of the catalog!

Lauren said...

Katie this is such a great post. I've also always wondered who gets to actually do the amazing visual stuff for Anthropologie! And I even worked on their visual team but never thought to ask! Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

Thanks so much for sharing this post. These talented SCAD ladies seem to be getting a bit more much waranted publicity of late. The Anthro room is wonderful!