Tuesday, March 25, 2008


image from Flutter

Thanks to Holly at Decor8, I spent waaay to much time this morning visiting the new online version of the Portland, Oregon shop, Flutter. It seems to be everything a gal could desire in a shop- vintage, vintage-inspired, color, birds, housewares, books, de-constructed and girly original clothing, and bath products! The website is pure delight and actually offers an amazing selection to purchase online. I adore the category headings(image above: books) Every nook and cranny of the site has been artfully considered. The shop even includes a studio for Julia Barbee of Frocky Jack Morgan-see website here- positively the stuff of dreams! It seems Portland is the place to be for all things bright and beautiful these days...I must get there....soon!!


sulu-design said...

I'll attest to Portland being one amazing city, with lots of beautiful craftiness going on. Flutter is an awesome shop, and is so in line with the aesthetic that I've seen in other posts of yours. You must get there one day!

Allison Fouse said...

That chandelier is killer. And those mushrooms? Amazing. I think most of those have grown in my yard at some point in time. So cool.