Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lah, Dee, Dah Wreath

I've added a new wreath to my Etsy shop. I used 105 yards of incredible, "Lah, dee, dah" handspun yarn by Rachel-Marie or Knitty, Dirty, Girl. Visit her site here. I have one more featuring her yarn that I'll post tomorrow.
I've been working on creating a new website on the cheap (well, cheap as websites go!). A friend referred me to which sells website packages for $100-$400. Super-easy! You just fill in the blanks! Does anyone know of any other similar website stores? I'd appreciate any knowledge you might have about it. I've heard that you shouldn't have them host the site -however if they don't host you pay more! What do you think? xo


McMaster & Storm said...

Met your friend Amy Bell at our shop today! What a doll. We also know Liz {@ home} & I believe you went to SCAD w/ her or started the Shop SCAD store? {something like that}

Anyway we love your creations!
Enjoy your evening.
{love the jack russell pic it's darling, we miss our "Bella" she was a doll. Need to get another one for our little boy.

Molly Evans said...

oh the handspun yarn makes a difference! that one is gorgeous! I really thought the others couldn't be topped but these colors are outstanding

Moss said...

Are you looking for a regular website or an e-commerce store? is great for setting up a quick, easy and cheap storefront!