Monday, April 14, 2008

Little Brown Sparrow

I've been admiring the work of Penny Elizabeth Neil through her blog Sparrow Savage, her Etsy shop: Little Brown Sparrow and her Flickr sets. She is an artist living in a caretakers cottage in an open-air museum in Australia that allows her to take the most incredible photographs after the tourists go home. The description on her blog reads: "I live in a 19th century railway cottage on the border of a rural ghost town, though soon I will become a suburban urchin. I like patchwork mended clothes and frayed edges. My world is tarnished, worn-out, run down and faded, and you are welcome into it." I am especially jealous of her amazing and natural red hair. I also would have never guessed that I would have friends in Australia (Hi Nicky, Hi Jo!). Thanks to the internet I've met some incredible women who have shared a view of their lives so very far away from my own. Below are some of my favorite images from Penny's various works-click on them to visit her sites.
Penny Elizabeth Neil :Self-Portrait

The Parlour

Red Room

Savage Beauty


Meg said...

what beautiful images! I applied to the online program for a M.A. in historic preservation, I am so nervous!

Little Sparrows Nest said...

Penny's items are very enchanting, her nature delightfully generous, and her creativity stirring.... I think if you were to bring an item of Little Brown Sparrows home it would quickly find a solid and loyal place in ones nest!