Friday, May 16, 2008

Lilla Rogers

Thanks to Decor8 I found out about art representative and illustrator, Lilla Rogers' new website! I used to be infatuated with Lilla and her artists when I was a new art student in college. I still have the illustrations I tore from my sisters Illustration books circa 1996-when she worked for an ad agency in Dallas. I would try to emulate the cool styles of her artists until I figured out my own. She still seems to be the rep for many of the best illustrators out there today- below are a few favorites! The new site includes a blog, a shop, and studio photos and bios along with each artist! Such an inspiring site!
click images to visit!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,

Hey baby sister...I had to let you know I read your blog today...can you believe it's been 12 years since you first began this journey? You are an inspiration!

Love you pooh!