Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Geninne's Birds

I found these beautiful bird pieces via Royal Buffet today. They are original collage/paintings by artist, Geninne from Mexico City. Her Flickr albums are amazing and she also sells prints of her work at Etsy! I love them all so much!

watercolor and collage

watercolor and collage
watercolor and collage

watercolor and collage

Birds on a Wire
Twenty Birds Collection

Autumn Songbird
watercolors and acrylic on handmade paper

The Blues
Acrylic ink, watercolor and hand carved stamps on kraft notebook paper.


Lorelei said...

Oh these are so awesome! Thanks for the heads up!! Gotsta get me one of these!! :)

annie said...

oh! i hadn't seen the bluejay one! i love it!