Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Leslie Hall

Amy Zurcher of shopSCAD introduced me to the work of Leslie Hall, an artist best known for her flashy gold pants and killer hand-beaded gem sweaters. She is also an awesome rapper/singer, performance artist, and painter! She paints incredible backdrops for her performances which she later sells. A few are still available here and here! I'd wear gold lame everyday for an original Leslie Hall painting! Check out all her sites and videos for a huge dose of mid-western mayhem! Don't miss the Gallery of Glamore! (I swear I recognize some of them!)

Circus Love
76"x 112" oil on canvas available here

Singin' Songs to a Horse
62" x 101" oil on canvas -available here

La' Circus
67 " x 72 "oil on canvas a vailable here

Grandma and The Aliens
58"x 77" oil on canvas-Sold

More recent work:
Raise that Sweater: The Erection of the Largest
Gem Sweater in the World
59"x 93" acrylic on canvas
available here

The Fight for Des Moines and my Body
59"x 93 " acrylic on canvas
available here

1 comment:

beth said...

how funny! i was introduced to leslie hall via youtube by the special ed. teachers at my school. she is an iowa phenomenon and is stress relief for these teachers. the rap about going out is rich. had no idea she was a painter.