Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lily Pottery

Here is yet another Greenville, SC treasure I found via Knack Studios! Her name is Lily Wikoff Stratton and she is the sole artist behind Lily Pottery. I want to know how she finds time for it all?! Her blog is a new favorite and I'm happy to know where to find Lily's wares at all times-on her wonderfully stocked website!
Spring Collection of Lily Pottery@ Knack Studios

Visit her Flickr site for more Lily Goodness!

Meet Lily! She graces the cover of the May/June
premiere issue of G Magazine! Read all about this
fantastic group of Greenville artists and designers!


blue moss said...

Feelin' the Greenville love! If you ever get this way, you really need to come see all the things you have written about. How fun are Lily's squiggle planters?!

knackstudio said...

Girl, you're one of the family now!! Why don't you just move to G'ville and open up shop right along with us!!:) Great post on miss lily and all her beautiful things!

Bristol said...

Enjoyed your blog and your etsy shop