Monday, June 16, 2008

Thomas Wold

The furniture of Thomas Wold makes me crazy with longing!! Thomas creates many of the cool projects seen in ReadyMade magazine! Visit his Flickr album to see his various projects and his website for more information. I found out about him through another favorite: Knack Studios! Both designers make modern furniture from vintage found pieces. *swoon*
Fractured Fairy Tales- Custom Piece
Photo by Markham Johnson

detail-Fractured Fairy Tales
Photo by Markham Johnson

A Wold Piece in Derek and Lauren's ( The Curiosity Shoppe)
bedroom via Nest Magazine -Summer o8.
Photo by David A. Land
(I believe Derek works with Thomas on projects for ReadyMade)

Variety Beam- Project for ReadyMade Magazine
Issue 34


knackstudio said...

Girl!! Could he be any cooler?!! :) LOVE his stuff, and thanks again for another prop!! You're the best!

Stacey said...

Hi! I'm the customer who bought the fabulous wreath with the frozen charlette in the nest:) I am so happy with it! Anyways, I've started my own blog and thought you might like to check it out:

Heather Moore said...

What a great find! Thanks to you, I've done a post on Thomas Wold at the Elle Deco blog too. Fantastic work.