Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anna Lorich

I found emerging artist, Anna Lorich via the Found Object blog (which is packed with intriguing and unusual finds!). Anna is a recent graduate of RISD and mentions that most of the work featured on her site was created in part for her MFA Thesis. Her modern and quirky interpretations of traditional designs are altogether ethereal and exquisite! Some of the these works are now available through Gallery Loupe.
Landscape Ring -front view
Plastic, resin, photograph, 14k gold.

Pillow Rings
Sterling silver, cloth, cotton, Swarovsky crystal, fine silver, enamel.

Birdie Ring
photo, resin, 14k gold, 24k gold, sterling silver, lace.

Ring Family- group shot
Some rings available here.

Landscape Earrings
Plastic, resin, photograph, 14k gold.

Pillow Brooch
Cloth, thread, 14k gold, photographs, resin, ink.

Queen Anna’s Lace- Front view
Plastic, sterling silver, resin, photograph, 14k gold, steel.

Mother Brooch with Hair Drawing
composed photograph. pencil, photograph.

Anna age 10-red hair with dress drawing
Pencil, acrylic paint, and photo.
Anna Lorich Artist Statemet
via Gallery Loupe


amy said...

I know I will be thinking about this jewelry years from now, esp. those pillow rings. To die for!
EEeeery spooky beautiful.

Amy Z

Hillary said...

Have you seen this amazing website that sells Angela Gerhard's work?
They have incredible work and many, many other artists to choose from.
Check it out!