Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Karen Miller

Perusing the the favorites feature of my friend, artist Linda Crispell's Etsy shop-I came across these wonderful works by Karen Miller of Providence, Rhode Island. I love each and every one of them-and how incredible are they all together?! It's interesting to read where she finds all the different bits of wood she reclaims for her work- a washed-up boat, an old baby crib, a friend's barn plank remnants, a piece of driftwood.
Karen Miller: found, recycled, reused, reclaimed, repossessed, reconstituted...on the rebound.


Linda Crispell said...

Katie, I absolutely love these pieces! They look great as a group and it would be impossible to have to pick only one.
Thanks for visiting my site, you can see pics of the sugar birds in the Feb./March 2008 Home Companion layout, there is a link on my site. I turned a box of vintage cake decorations into a collage!

amy said...

I just purchased el borracho! I am so excited.

Thanks Katie,

Amy Z.