Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Madame Chrysanthemum

A new-to-me favorite stop we made in Savannah was to the color-box shop of loveliness that is Madame Chrysanthemum. Owner Michele Mikulec has created a floral design business and boutique that ravishes guests with color and contrast. I wanted to get paint swatches of every wall! I purchased some lovely little nests and feather birds to decorate my wreaths. Amy and I loved her electric red flocked shadow-box frames too! Visit the Madame at the corner of West Taylor and Whitaker street in the Downtown Design District of Savannah. Michele kindly charged my camera battery too- thank you!! xoxo
Madame Chrysanthemum
101 West Taylor St, Savannah GA

See what I mean??

Red flocked wall shadowboxes!

I'd love some giant butterflies on my wall! I wonder if my mom still has
the brass ones that were in our living room in the seventies!

I love the natural elements mixed with technicolors!

The Madame herself- the talented Michele Mikulec


Meg said...

Between this shop and the back in the day bakery, I just have to make another trip to savannah! said...

I love the name! Gorgeous shop, so much to look at and smell!

Linda Crispell said...

You are an excellent ambassador for Savannah!

amy said...

Michelle has such a nice shop and makes the prettiest floral arrangements! I like to go there just to visit the orange wall for inspiration.

Amy Z.