Thursday, August 28, 2008

Emily Marie Cox

I mentioned Emily's paintings a few weeks ago after I saw them at shopSCAD in Savannah-but she is a triple-quadruple threat that deserves her own post! She is currently a Fiber Arts student at Savannah College of Art and Design-and I think her range of work is just incredible!
Here is a small sampling of her photo-styling, costume-making, accessory creating, fiber art work creations I've lifted from her new website! I've included her own telling statement at the end.
I Hate Horses Because They Die
from the series: Bubble Gum Revolution
All props and costumes hand-made by Emily Cox
Photography by Lucy Ann Wheeless

painting from the Paper Doll Series

The Paper Doll Series-side view

Deux Amis Dolls by Emily Cox

Deux Amis Doll-detail

Mr. Alfred Bunabun
art object-doll by Emily Cox

Twixy Tootle Toos
available at shopSCAD
Twixy Tootle Too

Twixy Tootle Too
Read more about them on her blog!

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hayliebird said...

i'm so happy you blogged about emily again!! she is one of the most magical people i've ever known and i'm so grateful to have her as my friend! i agree, her work is incredible and it goes on and on- there's even more that isn't on her website. she is truly a natural talent.