Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bake it Pretty-Coming Soon!

I'm pretty excited about Bake it Pretty a new supply shop for bakers (and crafters) from the creator of one of my favorite Etsy shops, A. Bel Emporium. The shop was run by the talented, funny, and industrious, Amanda Krueger-whose blog Every Little Thing has become a new favorite! Due to the tremendous success of her Etsy supply shop-she is in the process of creating her very own online shop, Bake it Pretty! I share this also because she obviously knows a thing or two about selling on Etsy-which she kindly shares here- for anyone like myself who's curious! Thanks, Amanda (who although she doesn't know it, is my new BFF)!
Below are some images of the goodies she sold through A.Bel Emporium


Liz Demos said...

You know she moved to Asheville...very close to you. I think she a junker too. Maybe you could have some fun adventures together.
miss you

amanda bel said...

Um, that was just about the nicest write-up ever!! Thank you so much! I'm glad you are excited about the new shop...I hope you like it! And, you live close by? We should totally be BFF! Let's go shoe shopping sometime? Or maybe you could tell me where the good thrifting spots are because I sure haven't found any yet! ;)