Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guess What's New at Knack Studios?

Oh. my. goodness. I just spent the loveliest afternoon with the talented women of the Flatiron studios in Greenville, get ready for some gushing!! Flatiron Studios is the name of the building that houses the studio-galleries of an incredible group of well... artists, designers and decorators-each artist works in several media and/or design services-so I'll try to organize my thoughts by each artist!
First of all- a Huge Thank you to Barb Blair of Knack Studio for inviting me to share my work with her for this weekend's First Friday Art Opening! I have been admiring Barb's work (and the rest of the group) from afar-and today I finally made the quick trip up to see them! They even made time to sit down and have a yummy lunch with me! Thank you all so very much! I feel like I've known each of you for a long time!

Knack Studio
What I didn't realize was that Knack Studio is just that- a working studio! Barb refinishes all of her amazing vintage furniture and creates her found "knackage" right there! Then- like magic-every month she transforms the space with her new collection of furniture and it becomes the Knack Studios Gallery- shop! That is a Lot of work-I'm exhausted just thinking about it! The results of her efforts are drool-worthy! Every time I see her latest transformations I am amazed with her fresh eye and the depth of color and patina she achieves on her furniture. The vignettes she styles and photographs are book-worthy! (Hey don't steal my idea!) She is so funny and has incredible style- I could have stared at her cool hair and outfit all day. Obsessed? maybe. AnyHoo...If you are anywhere near the Greenville area this weekend be sure to take part in First Friday by starting at The Flatiron Studios 1203-1211 Pendleton Street! *Also- Knack furniture is available all month long at Antiques on Augusta 6 South Lewis Plaza, Greenville, SC 864.370.1870.
An artfully remade Knack desk and vintage chair.

My new painting resting on one of Barb's incredible pieces.
This is my favorite-I mean check out those mod knobs!?

Barb's window display includes her new Knackage- or repurposed
cake plates, vintage inspired wire baskets, and looksee-a few of my yarn wreaths and art!

My new assemblage "The Bird Show"
found a cozy home in one of Barb's large wooden frames.

Barb's desk and inspiration board!

Knack carries several artists works including
Faux Bois magnets by Jessica Jane, Skinny Laminx Towels,
and Paper Cloud lighting.

More of Barb's transformed vintage furniture-lamp by
Paper-Cloud Lighting.

I forgot to take a photo - but this new painting of mine is there too!
Bella and Trixie
Mixed media and found objects on panel.
Approx. 2.5' x 2.5'

(*For the entire inventory of goods that are available through Knack Studio-please see my Flickr site! xo)

Art and Light Gallery
Owner/manager Teresa Roche is an incredible mixed-media artist, interior decorator, and public relations master! I had no idea how many hats she wore!
Gallery mission statement:
From college students to long-time arts patrons, everyone who enters art & light enjoys the distinct blend of comfortable southern hospitality with the crackling energy of artworks that sit on the cutting edge of today's scene. art & light held its inaugural show in July 2007 and is now part of the First Friday organization, whose mission is to showcase the work of emerging and established artists in the Greenville Community.
-excerpt from Art and Light's website.
In addition to original works by up and-coming-artists, the gallery is filled with incredible vintage lighting and furniture restored by artisan Paige Caraway, who I was thrilled stopped by for a few minutes today!
Paige Caraway, left and Teresa Roche, right

Art and Light Gallery

I was so excited to see the work of Royal Buffet
currently installed in Teresa's gallery.

Sorry about my dark photo-however the mobiles
and garlands by Royal Buffet are incredible in person!

Art and Light featured artists Elizabeth Mausser(paintings) and
Sylvie Rosenthal (bird wood etchings)

My favorite piece by Teresa Roche.
Assembled with vintage fabrics, wallpaper, acrylic and epoxy.
This photo doesn't do the work justice!!

Kyle Buttram
Immediately upon entering Kyle's studio-gallery space you are greeted with her cheerful paintings displayed in the most creative way! Kyle created a system of shelves that can be customized over and over again with its chalkboard edging. Click on photo below to enlarge!
Original paintings by Kyle Buttram.

Kyle's work area. Large painting by Kyle of her
studio companion- Zoli.

Sweet Zoli-Art Muse and Flatiron Security Staffer.

Kyle's work can also be purchased through her Etsy site!

Kyle not only paints her artwork on fabric- she makes
these adorable bags (using handmade Lily Pottery buttons!)

More fiber art by Kyle! "Famsters"
Hopefully, pleeeease....her fiber works will be available on Etsy someday too!

Kyle at work on a project for a special class she was having tonight.

I went ga-ga over Kyle's fabric stash!
I wanna take that mustard ball fringe and Run!

Lily Pottery

A sweet autumnal Lily still life

Earrings from Lily's new Fall collection!
Stay Tuned- I got a preview of her new catalog that
should be coming out shortly and it is Stunning!

Lily Wikoff Stratton busy in her new studio-gallery!

Lily Pottery Reception-cozy up with some of Kyle's
art dolls!

Preview of the Fall Catalog- featuring modeling by Lily's
equally beautiful sister!

Blue Moss by Michelle Taylor
While she doesn't actually have her studio at Flatiron- I would be remiss if I didn't mention the talented Michelle Taylor! Art and Light carries a huge selection of her vintage-found jewelry and Knack carries her one-of-a-kind journals!
Michelle's incredible journals are collaged with new and vintage papers and include
a mixed selection of vintage papers for journaling.

Blue Moss jewelry on a vintage tray from Art and Light.

Barb Blair with Michelle Taylor


Anonymous said...

I love these gals!! They all are true inspiraton to my soul and it is always a blast to visit them at Flatiron studios! There studios are awesome and so worth the trip to Greenville! So glad you were able to visit them and enjoy a day with them!

knackstudio said...

Girl , you took some serious notes!! Wowsa!!
How special and wonderful!! Thank you so much for your very generous coverage of our studios!! I just loved every minute of our visit, and you are truly a gem!

blue moss said...

wow! thank you doesn't seem like enough! i loved, loved, loved meeting you today....and of course loved all the things that you brought to knack. we all definitely need to get together again! take care.

junipur said...

LOVE the covering on the desk. Was it made from fabric?

lily pottery said...

yesterday truly was a delight! It was so great to finally meet you! I am totally in love with all of the goodies you brought to Knack! Thanks for making the trip Greenville! Hope to do it again!

bkh said...

So great that you added blue moss's vintage-fun in with the Flatiron group! What a fun write-up - it's just like being there. :)

Teresa Roche said...

Hi Katie - what a treat to spend time with you yesterday at Flatiron. Thank you for the beautiful post and the very kind words - you are true inspiration to me and many others -- thank you and lets meet again soon!
art & light

mollie said...

i saw your assemblages and wreaths today: LOVE the bird show! i want it! i took a picture so i could come home and look at it more. great post here about the amazing girls at flatiron! and thanks much for the royal buffet niceties here....

julie said...

This makes me want to jump in my car and head straight for Greenville ~ it would be a long trip from Kansas City though ~ looks like I need to put Greenville on the vacation place list! Hope your shows/sales go well ~ love your blog and your work!

swhiteart said...

Very descriptive! I agree with bkh it is just like being there. The next time I'm in the area I'm definitely going to drop by! And by the way, it's great seeing another Columbia area artist on here :-).

jessicajane said...

Okay, so I am incredibly jealous that you got to go there!! It looks like you had a great time and got to meet some amazing people!! Thanks for the little blurb and photo of some of my magnets amongst wonderful goods!

Kim Naumann said...

I am just in love with your work! The wreaths and paintings are so fabulous! Such an inspiration to me, I too love using vintage items in my artwork and seeing others doing the same (and so well) is such fun. Keep creating, with your talents you're sure to go far!

PS. I'm really enjoying your blog as well :)

our little love nest said...

WOW!! You got there before we did you lucky I am so jealous! Ah well I get to be there tomorrow and see your work along with Michelle's of Blue Moss, Barb's amazing work and I am so in awe of the work done by Royal Buffet. I think I will truly feel as if I have died and gone to art/design heaven!xo