Friday, October 10, 2008

muntedkowhai (munted.ko.fai)

I found another swell reincarnation of the vintage doily turned necklace-these are from Muntedkowhai from Portland, Oregon. The artist, Tiffany Pang is an immunologist by day and crafter/designer at night and on weekends! I especially love the pieces that have small vintage details like a locket or button-so sweet! Visit her Flickr and blog for more!

My favorite piece-Anne Locket
coming soon!


Tiffany said...

Hi Katie!

Thanks for featuring me on your lovely blog! It's saturday morning and I'm in bed and could be stuck here for very long reading your past entries!! :)
I'm so glad you like my necklaces! Most of the flickr necklaces have not been properly photographed hence have not been put on etsy. Therefore, the Anne locket has not been sold.
Thanks for the mention and drop by again!

lily pottery said...

oh these are lovely! definitely going on my birthday and christmas wish list :) thanks for sharing!

tiffany said...

Oh I had forgotten to add that, I'm currently not in NZ but in Portland, Oregon. I grew up in NZ.


knackstudio said...

these have a really neat look! I especially like the second one!

blue moss said...

always love the mix of textiles with jewelry and these are so pretty!! i love the anne locket the best too

Felicia said...

Beautiful work :)

junipur said...

Love the colors!

Ashlee said...

soo pretty.

love your blog.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

*sigh* These are so pretty! Lovely, lovely find Katie!