Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feral Childe

I swear sparks flew out of my computer today when I came across the work of design duo, Feral Childe. I am more than a little flipped out over their accessories and the collage-art lookbook for their 2008 apparel collection. I love the story of how the two designers met and formed their collaboration-I've included it below! View their entire portfolio on their website. Xo
Feral Childe Accessories available through

Excerpt from Feral Childe's Daily Planner Look Book


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Me too, me too! Their accessories are just unbelievable! LOVE.

amanda said...

This line also has really cute clothes that are truly unique. Some just went on sale at
The box coat is amazing!

Diane said...

those images are fantastic.

kayte said...

i have one of their belts and pair of their pants! i love them!!!!

Alice said...

Thank you everybody for the kind words about Feral Childe! You all made my day and we are *blushing.*