Monday, November 3, 2008

ShopSCAD Celebration!

Saturday, November 1st we celebrated the 5th Anniversary of ShopSCAD in Savannah! Thank you to the artists who came out and to all who helped make the party super fun! Special thanks to Amy Zurcher who is responsible for shopSCAD's incredible growth and success over the years! Molly Evans created an aMaZing photobooth which she claims was inspired by one of my glitter dioramas! Photographer, Jade McCully shot the photos and will be posting them here soon! I, of course, left my notes at the shop-so if you could help me identify some folks- I'd be so grateful! It was so great to see everyone and we missed those of you who couldn't make it! Best Wishes for many more years of the best of SCAD art and design! Xoxo
P.S. More photos on my Flickr!
ShopSCAD's Fabulous BoyZ-Joe Bush and Kyle Millsap!
We missed you, Johnny B!

Joe Bush, Amy Zurcher, Chia Chong, and me
We missed you Allyson Ross and Pamela Buckley!

Susan Dennis and contributing artist,
the awesome Melody Postma

CrAzy sHop Girls!

Tiffani Taylor and Joel Levine in the photobooth!

Pyar, Cynthia White and Anna Bohon.

Kyle Millsap and his ladeez rock the photo booth!

Lisa and Kip Bradley

Scad Painting Alumnus-help!?
Matt Hebermehl, right

Cayewah Easley-SCAD Fiber Dept. Chair
with Molly Evans

View from the photobooth! Thank you to the
wonderful photographer and contributing artist, Jade McCully!

The Cool Kids

Jessi Lovell, Jason Kofke, center, busts a move.
Jonathan Yoerger, right

Kyle and Tamara share their additional talents.


Whitney said...

Kids dancing with Kofke: Jessi Lovell (fabulous painter/printmaker) and Jonathan Yoerger (the cutest illustrator/printmaker). It was lovely seeing you again, as always! -Whit

pamma la said...

sorry i missed the party! so glad you posted pics!
made me happy.

Allyson Ross said...

i'm so sad i couldn't be there! it looks like you guys had so much fun!!

postma said...

what a fun night!!! it was great to met everyone!!
the person in the photo with me is Susan Dennis.
great fun!! cheers, melody postma

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun and you look beautiful hun! What did you end up wearing? :)