Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Keeping warm...

Its been a balmy 70 degrees here in South Carolina, which I understand is quite different from what many of you are experiencing! In the hopes of wishing everyone warmer days (or at least electricity-I do love a snowy holiday!) here are some cozy items I've gathered for you...xo
Cashmere legwarmers
by Adventures of Jessica Rose


The Gatsby Scarf in Yellow
by Brown Sparrows Nest

Homespun Throw


knackstudio said...

the legwarmers are beautimous!! ;) xo

Munted kowhai said...

Balmy 70s! It is a love hate relationship with snow isn't it. love it when it is soft but when it turns to ice , blargh!
It would be less blargh with that flannel skirt. It's straight from the 50s and I bet it's super warm!

Lauren said...

i know what you mean! i love all the warm-weather items but i don't get to wear them nearly enough!

jennifer said...

Dear Hotty McHotpants,
It's 12 degrees here, school is cancelled and we have 6 inches of snow here.
ps I'll take the Anthropologie Throw for Christmas. It LOOKS "homemade."

blue moss said...

enjoying this sc weather...but i'm still always cold, so i'll take one of each please! :)

Heidi Jo said...

I'll take them all! Thanks! : )