Wednesday, January 14, 2009

brimming hearts... are some of the valentines I have listed in my Etsy shop today! They are clear vinyl hearts I've sewn and stuffed with my favorite magical matter...old fabric, yarn, vintage tinsel, paper, glitter, photographs, millinery flowers, and lots of bits and bobs. They all measure about 18" from ribbon to dangle-but a few are fatter than the others. Oh, and my favorite part is the dangle...I've dipped some old glass chandelier drops in beeswax for a very pretty effect! I hope you like these...they are super fun to make with all those treasured scraps you hate to waste! Xo
I'll have a few more tomorrow if my fingertips don't give out! xo


The Oak Leaves said...

what a fantastic idea! I love these.
thanks for sharing!

ArtsyMama said...

These are so fun and unique. What a great idea. Love it!!!!

LBB said...

So cute, Katie! What a super sweet Valentine heart concoction!

Amelia said...

These are absolutely beatiful. I have drawers and boxes full of little things I just don't have the heart to get rid of but never knew what to do with them. Really well done.

emma lamb said...

these are so sweet, i love them :)

Shar said...

Love these! I want to make some, but they wouldn't compare. Good job.

blue moss said...

i love them!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

These are so lovely hun! What a great idea...also, such wonderful jewelry finds below!

Alyssa Zygmunt said...

Simply Brilliant!

amy said...

Cute! I hope some make their way to shopSCAD! We need a big dose of Katie.

Amy Z

Rachel said...

This has totally inspired me and I think it's brilliant! I can't wait to make one!!!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing! And so adding you to my blog girl!


jenny holiday said...

Ok....seriously jaw dropping...LOOOOOOVE!!!!!

You reeeeally knock socks off!!

xoxo Jenny