Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nathan Abels

Speaking of great painters, my friend Nathan Abels current show, Stills at Rule Gallery just received an incredible review in the Denver Post: read here. Congratulations, Nathan! Visit Nathan's blog, Minutiae and website for more.
There, There
Acrylic on Panel, 24x36"

Acrylic on Panel, 48x60"

14x11" Each, Acrylic on Panel(s) x 9


sulu-design said...

These are gorgeous. I'm so glad that you posted them. Your friend's work reminds me a bit of that of a neighbor/friend of mine, Matt Condron... worth checking out.

knackstudio said...

these a really , really good!! :)

Nathan said...

Thanks Katie!

Bridget said...

Incredible stuff. I thought they were photographs. Amazing.