Thursday, January 8, 2009

Smith and Coates

These adorable handmade sweaters by Smith and Coates are made from recycled woolen sweaters. I love the colors and originality of every piece-visit the collection here. Beats the heck out of Gapkids!


knackstudio said...

oh my ! Super cute!!

Happy new year to you too!!

Munted kowhai said...

i love the colours, seafoam green and grey with light nutmeg brown. goooorgeous!

sew nancy said...

these are so nice and make me want to go get my felted sweaters right now and try to make something for my kids.
i saw you mentioned parcel in montclair! i absolutely love that store. are you in nj?
when you have a chance i'd love for you to take a look at my etsy shop. i'd love to hear your thoughts