Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dana Carlson

Head over heels this morning for these incredible paintings by Dana Carlson. I only wish I could see them in person to take in all the different materials she's used. In her statement she alludes to her mark-making process as running a "on a continuum from painterly 'fine-art' marks to dorkus majoris marks." I think that is the best thing I've read all year. {website}. This kitty-rific post is for you, Cuyler! xo
42" × 38" 2008
mixed media on canvas

Brocade Vacation
32" × 34" 2007
embroidery, applique, beadwork and paint on brocade

Maroon Grazing
25" × 24" 2008
embroidery, applique, beadwork and paint

Cat with Checkered Bouquet
22" × 18" 2007
embroidery, beadwork, applique and paint on brocade

The Cat Who Dreamed of Being a Horse
34" × 30" 2007
mixed media on canvas

Far Out
39" × 45" 2008
embroidery, applique, beadwork and paint


.Something Else Perhaps. said...

ooh la la these are fancy.. i love "brocade vacation"

ArtsyMama said...

Wow, LOVE these. Really, really fab!!!!!

Julia.K. said...

Oh she is fantastic!