Monday, February 23, 2009

Dana Milton...(ob)literati

I am drawn to so many qualities of the beautifully odd and painstakingly crafted works of art by Dana Milton. Her series- (ob)literati- found and manipulated sculptures focus on her thoughts about the nature of obsessiveness... The repetitive nature of obsessiveness obliterates meaning and intention. The object of obsession becomes the beloved - be it a word, a person, a place, a drug, a thought...
...The pathways of obsession lead into tighter and tighter circles until the self disappears and only the art remains. I am most interested in transforming the ordinary into the beautiful through obsessive acts in which I strive to understand the fine line and inherent fragility between the beholden and the beloved. -Dana Milton (read the entire statement here)
Many are mounted on Victorian era terrarium boxes...or my favorite, C-in which every page of Edgar Allen Poe's, The Gold Bug has been removed and dipped in beeswax.
{Etsy shop} {Poppytalk} {Etsy shop-her other talent...copper pendants}


knack said...

these are fantastic!

Happy monday friend! xo

Melissa de la Fuente said...

ooh, so interesting and cool. Thank you for sharing these hun!

Room design studio said...

this store was on my favorite lists.. and thanks for reminding me to go and check up on it again!! amazing stuff!!

ALfa studio said...

Great ,thanks for sharing!