Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Simpli Jessi

Sometimes, I can't believe how much I love handmade dolls. If I had any real sewing skills...and some patience... I think I would really enjoy making them! I especially heart the big personality's of Simpli Jessi's dolls. Those big glasses, big pensive eyes...and their little "o" mouths make them seem like they are all very surprised to see you! (I'm also a sucker for yarn hair.) Visit Simpli Jessi's blog for more. Xo
Sold(left) Oli(center) Irma (right)

Andy (left), Sold (center and right)


Anonymous said...

They look like little hipster librarians! Allie

emma lamb said...

honestly, i'm not usually a fan of dolls but these have such fabulous expressions and character!

ArtsyMama said...

These are sooooo cute!!!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

They look like people that live in Portland and ride bikes and hug trees (*wink, wink*), hee hee! Funny little guys!

babelfish said...

I LOVE these, the expressions on them is wonderful, and they are so cute!