Thursday, March 19, 2009

little black rabbit

I love these recycled tin art and jewelry pieces by Seattle artist, Nancy O. of little black rabbit. I'm thinking about one of her delicate necklaces for my niece's next birthday and I'd happily wear any one of these sweet charmers myself! xo
recycled vintage tin - chunky wooden ring

recycled vintage tin charm - yellow and green

recycled vintage tin charm necklace - tiny swallow

recycled vintage tin charm necklace - warm sunshine


emma lamb said...

i've just been by nancy's etsy shop... i could have favourited everything in there. i'm a tin fan too, but jewellery made out of their beautiful prints... inspired!


there's a bit of appreciation for your wee blog over at mine, no need to follow it up if you don't want to... :)


Jill said...

Hi! I found your blog from Barb's at Knack Studio. (she did a post on us on Wednesday) I love your eye for beauty! I wished I lived in your area, just to see all of your wonderful things in person! I'll be checking in again soon!

knack said...

girl...once again, such great finds!! i love everything!

And yes, Asheville had some GREAT deals at the screen door . We should meet up there and shop and y'know show out a bit!! :) xoxo

Barbara Bechtel said...

I love repurposed tin items! I always look at all those vintage tins at estate and thrift sales and think ooooooh! if i just invested in a pair of tin snips, I could go to town!....but there's a limit to how many projects and experiments we can add to our table at one time! ...sigh.....

blue moss said...

i've said it a find the best these!!