Friday, March 20, 2009

Nina Bagley

Many of you may already know the talented magpie jewelry artist, Nina Bagley and her beautiful online journal, Ornamental. I've had her in my links from the beginning but only now am I finally sharing her work with you. Sometimes I have to work up the nerve! And I didn't have trouble finding my courage to contact Nina after I caught up with her recent work involving my favorite-nests! Tattered bits of antique fabric and lace fashioned into nests complete with button and bauble eggs. It feels as though we stumbled upon a similar current of ideas for creating nests and I was compelled to contact her right away! Thank you, Nina! Wishing I could meet you for tea! xo
Nest in Blue Necklace
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Nest of Stitches Necklace
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Gatherings of Miss Havisham Collection
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Cherish and My heart goes into the Wind
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My Heart Goes into the Wind, back detail

Nest Locket
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*Photographs and art copyright Nina Bagley*


Gretchen C. said...

Nina's work is amazing! I could stare at her pieces for hours- the details and textures... WOW!

blue moss said...

love love love love LOVE

amy said...

omigosh love the mrs havisham necklace

Amy Z

Heather said...

nest in blue is perfection!
you find the most wonderful things to post on your blog, katie...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Nina's work is mystifyingly beautiful--as is her soul.

I have had the amazing opportunity to take classes with her--and in particular a 3 day class in Vancouver a few years back.

I forged friendships in this class that continue to this day.

...she creates a magical atmosphere.


krys kirkpatrick said...

I have taken a class from art and soul in portland, last year. She along with the other artists inspired me to do an etsy shop and a blog. I am not computer literate so it was quite a challenge.

I enjoy your blog and am putting it on my reader!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

These are lovely....thank you for the introduction hun!