Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 gardenias

This morning I've been admiring Kathi Roussel's vintage Etsy site...especially her vintage jewelry collection! xo


Heather said...

the turquoise celluloid necklace needs to be headed this way :)

knack said...

ok.... this girl has got it going on with the photography of her pieces! Such great composition!

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos...and that flowered necklace is so fantastic!

Adorned by Morgan said...

We definitely have the same taste; that gorgeous aqua celluloid bracelet and necklace set is already "hearted" on my Etsy!

kathiroussel said...

hi katie-- a friend from etsy emailed me to tell me you had featured some of my vintage pieces on your blog. thanks so much--it's so nice to know you appreciate vintage as much as i do.

i love your blog and am enjoying so many of your other featured artist's work--great stuff!!

if you're ever so inclined check out my handmade jewelry shop on etsy--
in about two weeks i will be adding lots of new designs!

all the best,

kathiroussel said...

p.s. katie-- i love your work--great stuff. you are in my favorites now!

Anonymous said...

whoa....her photography is showcases her pieces beautifully!