Friday, April 10, 2009

chevron ripple crochet afghan

My sweet and talented friend, Pamela Buckley sent me this aMaZing blanket she made by hand using a chevron ripple crochet technique. I am simply overwhelmed by her kindness and ability to create such a wonder! It has such a nice weight and feels so good..I will treasure it for a lifetime...thank you dear friend!! xoxo
the blanket in progress via Pamela's Flickr

the colors make me so happy!

Pamela used this pattern from The Encyclopedia
of Crochet Techniques by Jan Eaton. xo


pamma la said...

I hope it keeps you cozy and warm for many many years, dear Katie!

Christine said...

Your ripple afghan looks simply adorable! I'm an Editor for, and I took the liberty of linking to your blog from my roundup blog post about 22 Free Crochet Patterns. Check it out here