Monday, May 11, 2009

Workshop this weekend!

If you are near Greenville, SC this weekend I invite you to join me at Flatiron Studios for an easy-peasy workshop in mixed-media mache! I'll be demonstrating and providing everything you need to create your own woodland still life like the ones below. The class is only $45 and we will meet from 10am-12pm this Saturday, May 16. Email Teresa Roche of Art and Light Gallery at to sign up. See you soon! xo


andrea creates said...

Oh I love it.If I lived near there I would surely stop by:)

homemade grits said...

Oh I wish I was nearby. I love the sweet deer!

marble rose said...

Bother! You are only an entire Atlantic away! That toadstool is wonderful, you must come to my blog and see the HUGE one I bought at the weekend! I love toadstools! Good luck with the workshop!

orange sugar home said...

I love your artwork and your blog. I'll be back! Thanks for sharing. What an inspiration.

danielle thompson said...

how i wish i could go to your class! these are AMAZING katie! i saw your work in Shop SCAD many weeks ago and i've been meaning to brag on you on my blog.. need to do that ASAP! i was coveting many of your works. :-) I really love these new ones too!

blue moss said...

so excited that you are coming to g'ville, but so sad that i won't be here :(
Have fun

Michelle said...

well, I live here, and will be there! :)


amy said...

When is the next workshop? I want to come make a toadstool too!

Amy Z