Monday, June 8, 2009

i heart dolly

I fall in love again with Dolly Parton every time I hear her talk or sing. I watched her interview on 60 minutes last night and especially adored the footage of her performing in the sixties. That got me started searching for some vintage Dolly on youTube. Her looks rival Marilyn Monroe, and her singing, the prettiest bird! xo


Libby Murphy said...

Dolly is a sweet and talented soul. With her, as with all of her brothers and sisters, what you see is what you get. Great post.
Happy Twirls

orange sugar home said...

can't tell if my other comment was sent. Love Dolly too! Saw her in concert when I was 16 and it was amazing. Great post!! thanks.

Barbara Bechtel said...

i am such a dolly freak. i even love her in her gaudy seventies days! she's like a good wine and seems to get better with age!


h.b. said...

I had front a front row seat when I graduated with Dr. Dolly last month from UT! Trust me, she dazzles just as much in person :D

jennifer said...

Gotta love Dolly! Now, we need some Lorettie!!!
BTW, Maggie is still mad at me from having to listen to Loretta and Dad (a.k.a. Conway Twitty) sing "You're the Reason our Kids are Ugly," this past weekend at the lake. It was good "lake" music. xo