Monday, June 15, 2009

Lundby Dollhouses

I know what I want for Christmas! Thankfully, Jen Docherty shared this gem on her blog about the modern Lundby dollhouses. ( I didn't realize they were still in business!) They are everything I've been looking for in a home for quite some time. Maybe I could take one to an architect and say, "here's what I'd like, go with it!" I've actually been spending too much time lately searching for the perfect mid-century modern home for sale, Indianapolis. We are hoping to be transferred there in the next year or two-so I am a little ahead of myself. I'd be pretty happy to play with one of these and continue dreaming....Working lights are standard! When I was little I remember thinking my grandpa was a mad scientist when he installed working lights and a crackling fireplace in my little wooden dollhouse. xo

Lundby Dollhouses and Accessories here.
Check out the parent dolls...they are somewhat terrifying!
*I just came across MiniModern Blog via Aesthetic Outburst!
If you love modern's a must visit! *


Becca said...

I want one!

Liz Demos said...

I can't believe it! I bought this very dollhouse at an estate sale to rehab and after realizing I don't have the time I decided to put it out at the shop. Now that I see how cute it can be I might regret it. I can barely keep up with the projects in my house much less a doll house. What was I thinking? CRAZY

Tera Little said...

SO cute and adorable! wish they'd come decorate/clean my house. :)

nicedaydesigns said...

I love Doll Houses and did some work on them for my degree show years ago, but sadly I don't have time anymore to make things like that.
Here is a link to some of the photos from my final project

orange sugar home said...

I just really love all things miniature. Have you been to the Art Institute in Chicago to see the famous Miniature Rooms??? You must...
ps you have been one of my very first and favorite blogs!! so inspiring.

amy said...

Katie, this makes me want to play house again. Let's get one and start merching it until you land the real dream house.
Amy Z