Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet Sarah Edith

My dear friend Pamela, of Ophelia Golly recently traveled to Arkansas to celebrate her grandmother, Sarah Edith Buckley's 1ooth birthday! Pamela has always adored her sweet grandma. I remember a birthday party she had for Pamela about ten years ago- a backyard picnic where she sat telling us funny stories with an old Victrola playing in the background. Pamela taped some video of her last week...but never let Grandma know what she was up to as she wanted to capture her completely natural. I wish I had done the same with my Grandma...I miss her voice and mannerisms so very much. If you listen closely to this video of her preparing some potatoes for soup, you can hear Pamela's grandma say..."look out yonder...for some vegetables" which completely melts my heart every time. Thanks for letting me share this Pamela! xox

Visit Pamela's blog, Ophelia Golly to see more from her trip and you'll also find Grandma Buckley's recipe for Southern Fried Cornbread! Yum!


Pamela said...

oh Katie, seeing my Grandma on your blog made me well up with tears.
She really is the sweetest thing in the whole, whole world.
Thank you for letting me see her through Katie's magic eyes.
Very special!

shopSCAD said...

Can't stop watching this, it makes me swell with happiness every time.

Amy Z