Friday, July 10, 2009

Deep South Opens Tomorrow!

Deep South, an exhibition of work by Southern artists curated by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge will be opening tomorrow at ArtStream Gallery! If you're nearby the opening is from 5-8pm! Wishing I could be there...but I'm thankful Susan has posted images of the gallery space on her Flickr site. I'm also going to post more detailed views of my pieces (seen below) on my Flickr site today. Have a wonderful weekend! xo
Swan Song
Mixed media in Wood Shadowbox

Walk with Me
Mixed Media in Wood Construction

Happy Bird

Ugly Duckling

Oh, Baby

Here are some images from the Artstream Gallery (via Flickr)...
Two of my assemblages in front of the wonderful Balloons painting by Lillian Farag.

I'm so thrilled about this...that's my work on the left hanging next to a piece by my mentor and favorite SCAD professor, Denise Falk!

Sweetly Homespun Assemblage, Sew Things Up by Haylie Bird Waring

A pen and ink drawing by one of my favorite artists, Stephanie Howard.

My Ugly Duckling assemblage keeping excellent company next to
paintings by Tim Wirth.

See it all soon at!


Curiosity Killed the Cat said...

nice work!
your piece "oh, baby" really reminds me of halligan's now famous engagement shots. does anyone else see it?

Holly said...

I *wish* I could see that exhibit in person! Your "Happy Bird" piece makes me smile... I think it's my most favorite of yours!

Cait* said...

I wish I was closer! CT is a long drive. One day...

orange sugar home said...

this is amazing! congratulations!! funny thing is I thought both of those wall collages were yours. love them both. can't wait to check out the flickr site.

knack said...

everything looks so awesome! Congrats! Hope it goes really well!! xo

kara said...

Looks great!!! I wish that I could come-so many great fibers ladies featured!
I love love love "Swan Song"!