Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jenn Ski

My new artist/designer/blog crush is on the multi-talented Jenn Ski and the seriously dreamy mid-century modern home she and her husband have been revamping. Visit her blog for updates and her incredible finds of all things retro and modern! xo
Large Giclee Print
of original work 2007-37

Jenn's living room with new Lenox sofas and shapely
Noguchi table from Room & Board

Jenn's kitty caught napping in her bedroom drawer.

Jenn's hall looking into her home studio.

Jen did an amazing makeover on these shelves in her studio ...see here.

Collection of original works by Jenn Ski.

View of house from the garden.
I'm so envious of her windows!

Jenn's new wood mobiles...available in her Etsy shop!


orange sugar home said...

wow!! who knew I could be in love with a hallway!! incredible. the windows are stunning. love the post. thanks. will check out her blog.

chloejessica said...

What a lovely home and I love her artwork! :)

Laurimar said...

Is this your sewing room?

Liz Demos said...

OMG, this place makes me want to clean. How lovely. Thanks KT, you always find the coolest people. xoxo

Linda Crispell said...

No one lives in a house that stylish and cool!

lily pottery said...

i'm totally drooling over this house...can't wait to check out her blog and etsy shop! thanks for sharing!!!

lushpad said...

I had no idea Jenn Ski had such an amazing house! :) Lucky thing.

Jenn Ski said...

thanks for the mention!