Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anita Dominioni

My late night forays with Flickr never fail to reveal more incredible artists and insights into their lives that a few years back would have been nearly impossible. I came across Brazilian artist, Anita Dominioni and was captivated by her quirky paper mache dolls. I really can't get over their gorgeous eyelashes! My other favorite is a large piece she created for her husband for their home, called Beach- see below. It combines her original offbeat character drawings with really creative collage elements on a painted backdrop. I can't wait to see more, Anita! xo
Morena (right)
Paper Mache Mini Art Dolls

Marisa and Mariana
Paper Mache Mini Art Dolls

Greta Paper Mache Mini Art Doll

Paper Mache Mini Art Doll

The Beach
Mixed Media and Collage
See details below or click on titles to see original uploads.

The Beach, detail

The Beach, detail

The Beach, detail


Tabatha said...

Oh, I love greta.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

These are wonderful! The paintings!
Thank you for introducing me to another gifted artist