Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vintage Musicians

Hello, September! I apologize for my mini-vacation from the blog...sometimes it happens without warning! I don't realize I need a break until I just take one without thinking! Anyhoo...
I've been trolling Flickr again and finding some gems...these are from two pools- garage band and vintage musicians. Xo
A Musical Trio
antique photo from
AtypicalArt on Flickr

Hilda Tansey 1934
from History in Photos on Flickr

Pauline at the Piano
written on reverse: "My studio after my marriage." Pauline Pradelle after she married the artist Emmanuel Cavacos. Pauline was a professional pianist. She practiced her art in the studio where Emmanuel executed his sculptures.
from Piedmont Fossil

from Superbomba
(btw-Superbomba has the most hilarious groups of photos-you must visit her gangs set)


rachel is a dreamer said...

love that photo with the daisy and violin!

Good Girls Studio said...

these are fantastic! Love the Recorder gals by the Christmas tree :)

pammalu said...

pauline at the piano is very intense and epic!