Monday, November 9, 2009

Bonheur by Krista Raak

Ooooh! Over-the-top girlie bohemian vintage loveliness!
Handmade by Estonian Artist, Krista Raak
and available through her Etsy shop, Bonheur or website!

Crush- long necklace from vintage textiles and findings


Bonheur - shabby chic girly bohemian

 contemporary embroidered ooak cuff


Nonchalant Bride- contemporary bridal necklace


Dolce Vita- limited edition unique hand embroidered earrings


Aqua - unique hand sewn/embroidered collar



Icy Glamour- unique elegant hand embroidered earrings



 Last three photos via her prior collections album here.



thepaperroSe said...

how cute is that bag!!

susan said so said...

It is official: I am in love with your blog!


secret word: untriz

Melissa said...

love those neckpieces! by the way, helene is still in the office here in lacoste, sweet as ever, and pamela says hi! we're preparing for our vernissage this friday and saturday! have a great day.


andrea creates said...

Love the bag and the jewelry!!Bohemian=lovely

amy said...

Mercy! That is just flat out divine.