Thursday, November 5, 2009

Petites Curiosities

I'm a easy target for anything resembling a vintage dime-store or gumball machine toy...and these gorgeous gold and lacquered animal pendants from Petites Curiosities shop are no exception! Isn't the photo of the braided girl on the swing divine?! The pieces are handmade by Amélie in Paris-visit her blog for more!  xo

le lievre / the hare necklace

artist's description- 

he runs all day long like a parisian girl doing some shopping!


l'ourson polaire / the polar bear cub


le faon / the fawn necklace


le renne / the reindeer necklace


une petite said...

oh, thank you katie for your sooo nice text !!! merci beaucoup !

and i do love your blog !

so talk to you soon !! à bientôt !


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

The necklaces are so wonderful. Just lovely...and the girl with the braid..well....what can I say?