Friday, December 18, 2009

Beauty Everyday!

I'm getting pretty cheeky over all the generous kudos recently from my favorite artists and bloggers! Today it is a huge compliment to be kindly featured by the talented Kristen Bach (whose InCrediBle home I completely covet-remember it on D*S??) at Beauty Everyday...see here. Thank you, Kristen!! xoxo
Beauty Everyday is brought to you by the group of talented artists, including Kristen, and fellow artist magicians at R. Wood all-time favorite ceramic studio located in Athens, Ga! Did you know they have any Etsy shop for their other creative endeavors too? The swell bunting pictured above is available there! xoxo


penny patten said...

I found you through Decor 8, what a fun blog you have! I really like all your Christmas decorations, and your everyday beauty post.

Kristi said... well deserved!