Friday, December 4, 2009

The Fat Finch Giveaway Contest and Free Shipping!

The Fat Finch is sharing some birdie holiday love with a great giveaway---a handbag from the talented designer Bari J of San Francisco. Bari J is known for her trademark vintage style and fabrics. This handbag normally retails at $125.00!!
Here's how to enter the contest. Go to and find some of your favorite items and return here to tell us about them in the comment section below this post. Be sure to leave your email so I can email the winner for the shipping address. It's that easy! Deadline for entering the contest is December 12. You can also enter your name at The Fat Finch by signing up for their email newsletter. Just be sure to mention "The Constant Gatherer giveaway" in your request and you'll be entered.

**In case you want to do some shopping at The Fat Finch, just mention "The Constant Gatherer" in your checkout comments and you'll get free shipping on anything you buy! This offer is good through December 19! If you pay with Paypal, wait for The Fat Finch to send you an invoice which deducts the shipping cost. If you use a credit card, they'll process your order with free shipping.**
Thank you for your generosity, Roberta!! xox


Wraylee said...

The Fat Finch is a great site! So glad you shared it :)
I love the Trio of Chubby
Felted Robins and the Vintage Style
Glass Crystal Magnet. These would make for some neat holiday gifts.
Keeping my fingers crossed!

Good Girls Studio said...

love the egg shaped soaps! Tweet tweet!

Lauren Peterson said...

love the silver and brass wire nests
glass bird vase
bird trays
flying pig birdhosue
acorn birdhouse

pretty please with a cherry on top pick me :)

thank you!

lauren peterson

Susan said...

Such a great site, I love it!

A few of my faves:

Holiday Glitter gift tags-

Holiday Birds Dish Towels -

BlueQ Wooden Matches-


cupcake studio said...

What an awesome website (and the Bari J. bag is sooooo cool!!!) Popped over to The Fat Finch and I love:
Gianna Rose egg-shaped soaps
Birdy Packaging Tape
& the Holiday Bird Waffle Weave Dish Towel.

Happy Holidays!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Hi there!
I do everything I can to make my garden a nice place for birds!
Every time I have my morning coffee outside I have such good friends hanging out with me, love that!

I like the
1.Maple Hill Acorn Birdhouse
2.Maple Hill Pinecone Birdhouse

Have a nice weekend Katie

thepaperroSe said...

do i really just name one thing that i like??? love, love love it all! especially like the avian lamp. how sweet it that? the bag you show is to die for

Amy Bell said...

since i just love birdies...i would have to say the wonderful birdie dinner festive.

hope i win!!!

Jessie said...

I love the Charley Harper dishes, towels, notecards etc... they're stunning! The puzzle is awesome.

I'm eyeballing the Cavallini & Co. Book Plates too, which would be nice stocking stuffers for some birders/readers I know.

Also my mother happens to have that book, "Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song," and I was totally fascinated looking at it over Thanksgiving. I think I listened to bird calls for the entire evening, confusing the heck out of the cat and the parakeet. I would love to check out the "world" version!

I could go on and on... Thanks for the contest and the link and happy holidays!

Laura said...

My favorite finds from The Fat Finch site are the Charley Harper serving bowl,the Mary Lake Thompson Kitchen towels and the InvotisOrange Birdhouse! The birdhouse is so clean and simple. And of course, I love that purse too!

emeliehealy said...

I've been hoping for the suction cup hummingbird feeder so that my boyfriend's little siamese cat, who we've ben "forcing" to stay inside since a rather unpleasant episode with the neighbors chickens, can check them out while chilling on the bed while we're at work :-)

great sites!

eric.n.nikki said...

ahh - I think the owl s&p shakers are the cutest! I just found you on flickr - your stuff is soo great! I live outside Augusta - so I hope to see your stuff in Columbia sometime - thats soo exciting!

VISART - DaLi Designs said...

Love the "Acorn Birdhouse", the color is beautiful, and I love acorns.

euryleia said...

I'm a sucker for great design. So when I checked out the little birdies all I could hear ringing in my head was Mary Poppins saying, ' A thing of beauty is a joy forever'

A Christmas gift by way of any of these would be most welcome

Amy ruppel address book


Avian Motif Lamp

Southwestern Style
Quail T-shirt by Sabaku

Southwestern Style
T-shirt for Ladies (CSA08)

Charlie Harper Bowl

I could go on..I did have a hard time deciding. Fingers crossed

Lara said...

I am a big Charley Harper fan and love those cards. Also the acorn bird house is pretty sweet. Thanks for hosting this. I love your blog, just found it on Design Sponge.


~Nan said...

I loved everything from the Shore and Blake birdhouses to the Charley Harper dinnerware. So much to chose from!! I love the bag being given away. Thanks so much for the opportunity!


debra said...

i adore
the new chubby felted red robins
holiday bird dish towel
vintage crystal magnet
Loads of beauty there!!
happy day :)

Jordan said...

How fun- I've just learned more about Charley Harper and his beautiful mid-century illustrations, especially his birds. All of them are beautiful, but I especially liked this one on a notecard:

As well the bronze bird nests would be perfect for my little marble bird eggs.


maminka girl- Loribeth Robare said...

what a fun store! I love that trio of chubby robins. very cute.

thanks for the contest and would love that great purse.


Pearl and Pebble said...

Gosh what a great store! How does a bird lover pick one thing???? I have to say (at the moment)I do adore the felted robin trio and the dish towels. Those are really nice:D

Christine said...

I loved the Owl pitcher and the woven towels.

Michaele said...

I love the seasonal Christmas bird holiday cards- but as I scrolled down past the cardinals, I found bird adhesive tape!!!!! Whoo hoo!

er.... tweet!


Gretchen C. said...


ALL the iBride Trays- amazing!
The Bird Applique Pillow
ALL the Baby Tees
Owlet Earrings

So glas I found this site!

Gretchen C. said...


ALL the iBride Trays- amazing!
ALL the Baby Tees
the Bird Applique Pillow
Owlet Earrings

So glad I found the site!

Amy said...

I love the nests with eggs. Thanks for this great giveaway.

Anonymous said...

I am all over the Quail T-shirt. My first trip to Arizona I became obsessed with wanting to bring home and raise the large GORGEOUS quail I saw in the desert. Alas, it hasn't happened yet but you never know... said...

I love love love the quilt pattern birdhouses.

Great stuff all around!