Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Fat Finch Giveaway Winner is...

Thank you to everyone for leaving all your wonderful comments! Roberta and I really appreciated your enthusiasm and kind comments! I'll be having a special guest this Wednesday with another fantastic giveaway! Please stay tuned!!
Again... A big Thank You to Roberta of The Fat Finch for her generous giveaway and support of The Constant Gatherer! xo


susan said so said...

Thank SO MUCH for the great giveaway; I had my fingers and toes crossed, but didn't actually think I'd win!

...As it turned out, I was writing my 100th blog post when I got the news that I'd won, so it felt a bit like a post-i-versary present! I'll let you both know when the bag arrives. Thanks again!


Susan @ Dreams Underfoot

susan said so said...

The bag arrived today; it's even sweeter than it looks in the photo.

Thanks, again.