Sunday, December 20, 2009

Have you met the Beerhorst Family?

I had made several sightings around Flickr and Etsy and finally today took the time to investigate the talented folks behind all the magic! I'm writing this Sunday night-anticipating a two-day car ride with my best friend and her kids tomorrow....jingle all the way to Indianapolis! Wish us luck and safety! So- in my haste to get my packing done...I'm afraid I don't have the time I'd like to devote to the enchanting Beerhorst here is all their info and in their own words:
We are an artist family of eight working in various media, painting, wood cut prints, textile arts, and soft sculptures. We are urban homesteading in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan with back yard chickens and a large organic garden. We support ourselves entirely by the art we make and sell, parents and children working together. Visit us at {website} {blog}, {Flickr} {Etsy} Please Enjoy and See you back here Wednesday! xo
Wonder Wagon
The Beerhorst Family's 2009 ArtPrize Entry!
A mobile art studio/gallery modeled after a Gypsy Caravan.

Side view of the Wonder Wagon-handmade by
The Beerhorst Family!

Self-Portrait with Pin Cushion
Oil on wood panel by Rick Beerhorst-The Dad

Girl with a Red Book by Rick Beerhorst
Oil on handmade wooden tabernacle frame

Butterfly Hooked Wallhanging by Brenda Beerhorst-The mom!

Rick Beerhorst "Time Of Your Life" from Dylan Tull Gunnett on Vimeo.


Christy said...

Truly amazing! I am in love with "self portrait with pincushion." :)

pammalu said...

I love stuff like this! Makes my stomach all butterflies and happiness!

vmichelle said...

Wow - so creative! I love the hooked rugs.

Jessie said...

Love the gypsy caravan! And Katie, if you cross the border into IL, let me know!! I'll bring you some warm Christmas Cheer!

Hannah B. said...

I discovered the Beerhorst family first through the Craftsanity podcast a few months ago. You *must* see the video of their Wonder Wagon:

Katherine said...

how have i missed this until now?!? this family looks like a dream come true. i am headed to check them out now!

happy holidays!

Mitzi Curi said...

Thanks for introducing this unique and talented family! I live in Lansing, Michigan, only an hour away from them. For some reason that makes me feel special (lol).