Thursday, December 3, 2009

Monica Burnett

Monica Burnett of Appleheart and Gwin kindly sent me a link to view the Fantastic Yarn Wreath she made! I adore it! I love how funky it is- the pinks and oranges-and those shiny pink apples! I was working on some custom pinks, red, and orange wreaths for a client- and seeing hers has inspired me to ramp them up a bit! Thanks, Monica! Check out Monica's excellent vintage shop, etsy shop, hat shop and blog! xo

Monica (that's her sweet self!) modeling her Boulder Beanie.

I love this pink and green combo!

Model in a crochet headband
(Monica-this has to be your sister?!)


monica burnett said...

and yes, that is my little sister!

Good Girls Studio said...

Love'n the apples on that wreath!

Yellow Elm said...

love this! especially the mohawk earflap hat. thanks for posting katie!!