Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pamela Buckley Handmade Wonders

Look-see what my friend Pamela Buckley (of Thatch and Burrow) made for shopSCAD! They are the sweetest, festive, oddball ladycat, gentledog, and horse ornaments! I love them so much it hurts! If you're interested in purchasing one- hurry and call shopSCAD-Savannah before they are all gone! 912.525.5180 or email *NOte: These are actually still enroute in the mail to shopSCAD and not on their website- but you can reserve one by calling the shop!**

You can also buy their Victorian treasure stuffies separately!
See the entire collection in her Flickr Album... xoxo


pammalu said...

and now I will drive to my dear little bookshop job with a big goofy grin on my face.
Thank you, Katie!! Your kindly sweetnesses always buoy my heart and keep me going.

amy said...

Yikes! They have not arrived yet but people can call us to reserve their favorite. Pammie Sue is on a serious creative tear! Keep it up!
Love ya both!
Amy Z

A Beautiful Party said...

oh my! these are so great! i'm going to head over to shopscad now!