Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank you, Decor8!

Please visit Decor8 today for my super easy and fun
Yarn Candelabra Tutorial!
Many Many Thanks to Holly Becker for her kind comments about
my work and for the incredible opportunity to be featured
on her most BriLLianT Blog! xox


dottie angel said...

just beautiful, i love this little 'gleeful' yarn wrapped candelabra...
i'm thinking i may have to break out the glue gun, for i have candelabra lust, just looking at this picture :)

i also loved the peek at your studio. just peachy looking :)

blue moss said...

how exciting!!!
i am heading there now!

McMaster and Storm said...

yipppee****decor8! i loved this and a peek into your darling studio. now i know where you work! thank you!
we'll chat soon!

Etincelle said...

Lovely interior! and the tutorial is brilliant :) I especially like the colors you choose to associate... totally up to my taste!!

penny patten said...

I saw your work on Decor 8, what a fun project! Thanks for sharing!