Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kyle Millsap's Mini-Rancho Campo del' Arte

What a treat for me today to share the home/office/hideaway of the crazy talented window dresser, stylist and all-around super-duper shopSCAD Visuals Manager(pant, pant), Kyle Millsap! (I do loves me some Kipper!)
Kyle Millsap with Amy Zurcher at the shopSCAD Holiday Dinner Party last month!

I've gone on about Kyle's incredible work at shopSCAD here before- but was super excited to see updates on his living quarters- which, when I saw it last a few months back- was sad and bare. The gray days are over for this sweet little (and I do mean little-15' x 18' to be exact!) cottage in the heart of Savannah's quaint Ardsley Park!

Bitsy greets guests at the top of the stairway entrance to the apartment. Ok,Baby painting by Tim Wirth- an artist whose work Kyle has already accumulated a most impressive collection!

At the top of the stairs we get our first view of Kyle's cool boyscout kitsch collections of flags, pennants and camp gear. A collection he comes by honestly...Kyle has graduated through the ranks, from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scouts- and he's still a registered Scouter! He mounted an apartment-friendly peg board along the far wall to house his ever-expanding art collection.

Kyle keeps his dandy footwear in sight and at the ready for walkin' his Dogie.

Bitsy rests her sweet self on the the perfect Ikea couch solution for this small space. Kyle found his sweet little coffee table on the side of the road. The colorful handmade quilt over the back of the couch was made by his Great-Grandmother Patrick. The hanging flag pennant was made by Kyle's good friend, Haylie Bird Waring.

I spy some art favorites up there- like Jay Schmetz, Yoswadi Krutklom, and a big screenprint by Jen Jenkins. Can you find the taxidermied blowfish lantern?!

The office corner with his antique desk (dated 1903 in pencil) found at Habersham Antiques in Savannah. This lucky cowboy has a flat screen in his pup tent! Yup, there's another Tim Wirth painting!

Kyle scavenged the wood crates from Keller's Flea Market for $5. each to create a cozy and oddball modern headboard with storage for all his loot! The vintage chenille blanket was found in Little Rock, Ar. The handmade pillow is by Rebecca Davison- available, of course, at shopSCAD!
So nice, I show it twice!

Kyle's Kitchenette- compact storage for his swamp-seed, whistle-berries & eatin' irons. (A former closet and I'm to tell you...a work in progress. Looks perfect to me!)

The layout (them's tight quarters!)
I'm so impressed, Kyle! Thank you for sharing!
Visit Kyle at shopSCAD in Savannah! xo


amy said...

Kyle's place is even cuter in person! Love the pic of Bitsy with the Tim Wirth. SO many good ideas in here and so much magic Kyle bouncing around in every well planned vignette! You can tell he is a visual merchandiser extraordinare! Love me some Kipper too!

lulunjay said...

Kyle has such a Stylish Place. Oh i love that he has The hippos having Coffee. I didn't know he had that Painting and the florals too. thanks for posting

Pinecone Camp said...

Oh I love Kyle's digs!! I wish I could shoot it for a magazine. It's hard to find super unique places these days. The shot of the two of you looks so happy, it made me smile. have a great day.

Gina Dudics said...

LOVE Kyle and his adorable apartment. Gorgeous bedding - I want it!!!! I miss you, Kyle. Hopefully I'll have time for a visit when I'm in Savannah soon. xxo, Gina

Emily said...

So much style in such a small space. Wow!

andrea creates said...

Love that pegboard idea-great to change out your decor often-like I like to do :)

one sydney road said...

wow - such great style!! and i love groupings of photos/art...looks great with the couch and pillows.

Linda Crispell said...

he's my new favorite person!

Silke said...

Oh, how fun to see Kyle's living quarters! I love seeing his smiling face whenever I pop into shopSCAD. I love that headboard made of the crates - what a creative idea!! :) Silke

Meri Wiley said...

I just came across your blog, it's soooo cute. I think I'll follow you, too ;o)

Come on over for a visit: www.imagimeris.blogspot.com

I'd love to get to know you.


caramela said...

Fun,fun,fun! Great ideas and look here-thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I love seeing what creative people do with small spaces.